June 26, 2014

Sarah Y. and Jim T. presenting science fair projects and my mother in the audience screaming (singing) for them to introduce themselves even though the principal already did and it’s pretty obvious who’s the boy and who’s the girl.

Sarah practicing her physics project in the hall of the school and posting it on you-tube with an opening sequence of her badassery walking down the hall with the boys behind her, Law and Order style.

Harry and Ron running down the highway to escape destruction and mayhem and leaving Ginny to play dead on the side of the road.  Lucius Malfoy comes by to rescue her (in this dream he’s her dad.)  There are cars honking and smoke rising and people screaming everywhere.

Me and Keith and Steve sitting at an enormous oak table in a medieval-like dining hall playing some guessing game with cards and a shoe box.  I am sitting on the table watching them play and we are drinking exotic beers.



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