On the Plus Side…

Unit manager comes to me and says she got a note from a grateful mother.  I saw her 8 year old for a sore throat, and I do remember that something wasn’t sitting quite right with me, on instinct, (I even x-rayed her neck) but she wasn’t saying anything scary and didn’t have a scary exam. I do remember telling mom I didn’t think she needed to be in the ER now, but I told her what to watch for and said she should have a very low threshold for pulling that trigger if the girl’s symptoms changed at all.  So mom did say I scared her, but she did pull the trigger early the next morning. The girl had a huge retropharyngeal abscess that was surgically drained and she spent 3 days inpatient on IV antibiotics.  She was glad I had scared her and told the truth about my being uneasy, and said I was very specific about what to watch for so she was able to tell right away when things got worse.  Her daughter is doing fine.




WelI. I guess thats why i am 30 pounds overweight. The app is called “loseit” and its free. And every day I slip , I kind of emotionally give up and then dont write anything down for the rest of the day either. Yesterday i forced myself. OMG. so this is what i’m eating on days I don’t care ?  Which is most days. I guess this is the point of writing it down. But shit.

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