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Cookie Monster Ice Cream




Am I too old for Minecraft?

Living Room of house 1. Chandeliers courtesy of my four year old.
Japanese garden. Necessary because I needed a row of brick to cover up the fact that my basement theater needed to go one block wider than the edge of the building.


The theatre.  This is the movie side.  Also have a stage side.  And a private club in the basement.
The theatre. This is the movie side. Also have a stage side. And a private club in the basement.
You can’t see it from here, but those are bleachers. With signs for home and away teams. Starting blocks on the right, and lanes on the pool bottom.
The Tavern. Glowstone in the fireplace (I’ve burned a couple houses down with fire and lava) Taps on the bar, shelves behind, booths and tables. No dart board, though. You know, circles.


So, I paid $6.99 for Minecraft Pocket Edition for my brand spanking new iPhone.  And I made myself a little town!  It takes a long time, holy crap.  But I have 2 houses so far, the boys have each added one, and Kurt added a pink sheep farm.  (sigh.)  But There is a road (yellow carpet down the middle with rail on the sides for the lanes) and the road leads to a tavern, a swim club, and a theater.  There is a turn off that leads to a park with 3 (so far) trees that has a sandbox and half a slide and plans for more trees and a running trail.  There’s also a Japanese garden but I don’t like where I put it, so I’m going to put it on my last house for the block.  I am considering a second neighborhood of townhouses, and definitely a farm.  rows and rows of plants with stables and stalls for the animals.  🙂

Saturday Morning Adventures

I had the kids to myself Saturday.  Ava laying on her back on the floor of the living room with her feet on daddy’s chair, reading.  For once.  And along comes Kurt, squats his butt down near her face and says, ” Smell it, Ava!”

There’s a reasonable explanation, really!


This is the reasonable explanation.  ok.  so the kid is 4.  right?  he has baby talk.  so when he searches, via voice recognition for “lego mine craft” the machine hears “weg.”  and it gives him leg.  and other things.  ok, these things happen, so i just say, oh honey when you get those girls, just click off them.  I thought i handled it well.  apparently I intrigued him